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Being Creative is Not Hobby, It Is Away Of Life

Music and art are the things I love most along the way in my career in fashion and media. I always try to make something unique and different in every work that I produce.

Lots of women want to look fashionable as their identity. It is seen from the choice of clothes or accessories they wear. Here I try to make handbag and wallet for woman.
Lady Black And White Alexa


Lady Cherie Alexa




Lady Bertille Alexa


In making every creation that I make, I always put the beauty of accessories that I make for women who wear them. Perhaps some of the ideas I derived come from everything I see that sometimes the idea often appears suddenly and makes us to be creative in producing something especially in the fashion world.
so don’t wait anymore if you have creative ideas, soon results in a remarkable creation of yours……

Graceful Saraswati Silver From Bali

Hello guys, on a sunny day I love being able to write and share stories about the things that I think is unique. Bali is my favorite place to spend a holiday or just to find inspiration in the work the field of art. One caught my attention that my conversations with Made Budhiyasa craft owner of Saraswati Silver. I was so interested in the collection of Saraswati Silver which I think is simple but elegant. Saraswati address of the boutique is located Pagutan Banjar Kaja, Gianyar, Bali.

                        Saraswati Silver Boutique

Lots of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from large to small and all I think is unique. Here are some collection of Saraswati I wanted to show you guys.





Do you agree with me all this collection beautiful and graceful?. One collection of my favorite Saraswati is long earrings with a simple look like I have below.



In choosing the accessories we have to know how to match clothes that we will wear along with accessories. To dress simple you can wear a glamorous accessories. But remember to dress you already glamorous enough to wear accessories that simple. And the tips of my confidence that a woman is not in view of the clothes or how many accessories that have, but the beauty that radiates from our hearts that in my opinion is the true beauty of a woman. So confident are always lady’s whatever it is inside of you.

See you with my new story………next time

My Day

Hello everyone, long time did not write on this blog and I really missed moments to write here. December has come, the time for a vacation are getting close and I was so looking forward to it. Today in the town where I live was the rainy season. Within one day of very heavy rain will fall within a few hours.

IMG00587-20151202-1508  Plants become green when the rainy season

IMG00588-20151202-1512Rain beautiful sight

In the morning when I wake up I saw the window was still dark, make me lazy to get out of the house. But I could not do it, because my hectic schedule. So I just enjoy the happiness of my days when the rainy season.


The window was still dark

Working in a magazine allows me close with some media. Write some article about the beauty of a woman with beauty products. Or write the places that I visited a challenge for me.


With one television station

Writing is a hobby that I can not leave. I can write whatever I feel or see and do you know a lot of interesting to write in our daily lives is certainly looking at all stale positive language. Writing about friends or about the happiness of the people closest to us as I felt the same way as they feel.

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Beautiful smile of a friend

The first thing I do before writing is to see the face, eyes and someone smile, make me write a story that would be interesting for the people’s happiness. A smile makes all the wonderful and beautiful. Such as seeing a genuine smile from our friend, family or partner. Do you agree with me ?

         My Pic

Do you like posing in front of the camera, I really love to take some pictures for my own. When taking a picture will be visible expression of our face will be seen clearly at the time whether you are happy or sad. So grab a big smile. A smile will make your face younger than you.

This is the story for today. Do you have the same hobby with me. Can you share your story to me.