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Legend of Palembang city

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra province and the second largest city on Sumatra Island. Palembang is famous for the existence of the kingdom of Srivijaya, the greatest Buddhist kingdom in Southeast Asia. One of the places I visit here is Kemaro Island. Kemaro island located in the middle of the Musi River, about 6 KM from Ampera Bridge. On the island there is a monastery Kemaro much visited by Buddhists to pray. Here too there is a tomb of a princess Palembang. This princess has its own story, that she was married to the son of the king of China with dowry in the form of 9 golden urn, but in the end the couple threw himself into the river and drowned.

Island Kemaro there are some interesting things, such as 9-storey pagoda and tree of love. Local people believe that if lovers carved his name in the tree of love, then their love relationship will continue up to the wedding.

Pagoda 9th floor


The Tree Of Love



  Kemaro Island

Palembang, South Sumatra is known as one of the cultural history of the development centers in Indonesia.  Not Complet if not to see the Ampera bridge that spans over the River Musi. Musi River can not be separated from Ampera Bridge and South Sumatra. Musi River and the bridge shall be one of the pride of South Sumatra. Musi River is the longest river on the island of Sumatra, 750 km in length with a width of 500 meters. The river that divides the South Sumatra province from East to West branched.  Musi river has several major tributaries including OGAN Rivers, LEKO River, RAWAS River, LAKITAN KELINGI Rivers, LEMATANG River and SEMANGUS OGAN River.

If you want to see the beauty of the Ampera Bridge is at night time because at that time the bridge was always decorated with colorful lights and very bright and radiating in all directions. Direction beam of light emanates not only laterally, but reaching to the sky. The beauty of this seemed more perfect with special lighting techniques laid out, so that the splendor of the bridge is getting looks perfect. On top of the Musi River, visitors can see firsthand the floating home. It would be interesting, if you come during the water festival in the river Musi. Usually the events held are boat races, boat decorating contest, and the race to cross the river.

Ampera Bridge



Ampera Bridge



Ampera Bridge With Light



Visit a place that I had never seen before was very interesting for me. Do you have any interesting stories about the place that once you visit ….Today this is the story city of Palembang, I will share another story at another time….. see you


My Dreams

Have you ever had a dream? Surely everyone has a dream to be achieved, as well as me. As a child I dreamed of working in a company renowned magazine. And finally the dream came true. Write, take pictures and visit various places throughout Indonesia to be an interesting experience. I can learn about something that I had never visited or I know about the culture in the area. Personal become strong and independent it is a must. Who the hell is chief editor favorite that I like ……. One of them is Anna Wintour she was a Chief Editor of British Vogue America. With her trademark pageboy bob hair cut her hair and sunglasses, Wintour has become an important figure in the fashion world.

Chief Editor Anna Wintour
Chief Editor Anna Wintour

Are there other dreams that I want……… the answer is yess but until now can’nt  find true love hehehehe. My experience after splitting across the ocean and the sky and fly to other parts of the earth, yet also I get the prince. Maybe must patiently waiting.

Aida Fashion

Last dream is to write a book. My hobby is reading books so I dream to write a biography about a person that I like or write interesting stories about the lives of people with a unique culture throughout the world.

Books are the best partners
Books are the best partners

One of my dreams has come true, if you have a dream….. that you want to tell me .