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Chalexa Handbag

Hello everyone I would like to introduce the latest handbag collection in this month. This collection is different from the collections I made before, if any of you are interested in one of my collections, you can write to me here  + (62) 85724393320
See you……


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Being Creative is Not Hobby, It Is Away Of Life

Music and art are the things I love most along the way in my career in fashion and media. I always try to make something unique and different in every work that I produce.

Lots of women want to look fashionable as their identity. It is seen from the choice of clothes or accessories they wear. Here I try to make handbag and wallet for woman.
Lady Black And White Alexa


Lady Cherie Alexa




Lady Bertille Alexa


In making every creation that I make, I always put the beauty of accessories that I make for women who wear them. Perhaps some of the ideas I derived come from everything I see that sometimes the idea often appears suddenly and makes us to be creative in producing something especially in the fashion world.
so don’t wait anymore if you have creative ideas, soon results in a remarkable creation of yours……