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I really like traveling, cooking, reading books that I find interesting, hanging out with friends if I'm not busy, in fact the most beautiful is to stay at home with computers and orange juice, the family is very important especially my mom.or just go out with my little niece ^ - ^... My hobby that I could never leave behind is to design a dress because I'm very interested in fashion. I'm very open and funny for me life is beautiful. I also love art,photography and always writes the blogger. I have work in Magazine and Entertaint. I also do not like to waste time with useless and I always wanted to make my life meaningful with all the works that I can make.

Legend of Palembang city

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra province and the second largest city on Sumatra Island. Palembang is famous for the existence of the kingdom of Srivijaya, the greatest Buddhist kingdom in Southeast Asia. One of the places I visit here is Kemaro Island. Kemaro island located in the middle of the Musi River, about 6 KM from Ampera Bridge. On the island there is a monastery Kemaro much visited by Buddhists to pray. Here too there is a tomb of a princess Palembang. This princess has its own story, that she was married to the son of the king of China with dowry in the form of 9 golden urn, but in the end the couple threw himself into the river and drowned.

Island Kemaro there are some interesting things, such as 9-storey pagoda and tree of love. Local people believe that if lovers carved his name in the tree of love, then their love relationship will continue up to the wedding.

Pagoda 9th floor


The Tree Of Love



  Kemaro Island

Palembang, South Sumatra is known as one of the cultural history of the development centers in Indonesia.  Not Complet if not to see the Ampera bridge that spans over the River Musi. Musi River can not be separated from Ampera Bridge and South Sumatra. Musi River and the bridge shall be one of the pride of South Sumatra. Musi River is the longest river on the island of Sumatra, 750 km in length with a width of 500 meters. The river that divides the South Sumatra province from East to West branched.  Musi river has several major tributaries including OGAN Rivers, LEKO River, RAWAS River, LAKITAN KELINGI Rivers, LEMATANG River and SEMANGUS OGAN River.

If you want to see the beauty of the Ampera Bridge is at night time because at that time the bridge was always decorated with colorful lights and very bright and radiating in all directions. Direction beam of light emanates not only laterally, but reaching to the sky. The beauty of this seemed more perfect with special lighting techniques laid out, so that the splendor of the bridge is getting looks perfect. On top of the Musi River, visitors can see firsthand the floating home. It would be interesting, if you come during the water festival in the river Musi. Usually the events held are boat races, boat decorating contest, and the race to cross the river.

Ampera Bridge



Ampera Bridge



Ampera Bridge With Light



Visit a place that I had never seen before was very interesting for me. Do you have any interesting stories about the place that once you visit ….Today this is the story city of Palembang, I will share another story at another time….. see you


Graceful Saraswati Silver From Bali

Hello guys, on a sunny day I love being able to write and share stories about the things that I think is unique. Bali is my favorite place to spend a holiday or just to find inspiration in the work the field of art. One caught my attention that my conversations with Made Budhiyasa craft owner of Saraswati Silver. I was so interested in the collection of Saraswati Silver which I think is simple but elegant. Saraswati address of the boutique is located Pagutan Banjar Kaja, Gianyar, Bali.

                        Saraswati Silver Boutique

Lots of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from large to small and all I think is unique. Here are some collection of Saraswati I wanted to show you guys.





Do you agree with me all this collection beautiful and graceful?. One collection of my favorite Saraswati is long earrings with a simple look like I have below.



In choosing the accessories we have to know how to match clothes that we will wear along with accessories. To dress simple you can wear a glamorous accessories. But remember to dress you already glamorous enough to wear accessories that simple. And the tips of my confidence that a woman is not in view of the clothes or how many accessories that have, but the beauty that radiates from our hearts that in my opinion is the true beauty of a woman. So confident are always lady’s whatever it is inside of you.

See you with my new story………next time

Exotic Island

Hello everyone, I missed writing and sharing stories with you all. Today I will tell you about the Island WAKATOBI. WAKATOBI island located in EAST SULAWESI.
The oceans are recognized as the center of the Coral Triangle, has become the world’s attention. Especially after their Wallacea expedition team from Britain in 1995. In that area, has 750 sponge or coral from a total of 850 species of coral that are scattered throughout the world. Wakatobi dubbed the most beautiful dive sites in the world. You can dive while enjoying the ocean reefs and see some kind of fish


The second island that I want to tell here is the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara . Komodo Island is known as a habitat for native animals dragons. The island is also the Komodo National Park which is managed by the Central Government. Komodo Island is located east of Sumbawa Island, separated by the Strait of Sape.

On the island of Komodo dragons animals live and breed well. On this island there are about 1,300 dragons. Coupled with the other islands, like the island of Rinca and Gili Mota, their numbers totaled about 2500 tails. There are also approximately 100 individuals dragons in Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the mainland island of Flores but not including the Komodo National Park.

In addition to the Komodo dragon, the island also store the variety of exotic flora Sepang wood by local people used as medicine and dye clothing, tree nitak or sterculia oblongata in believe are useful as medicines and seeds are tasty and delicious like peas.

Komodo Island is also accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because in the Komodo National Park, along with the island of Rinca, Padar and Gili Motang


That is the story I want to share today. I’ll tell you some other places of interest in other time. Do you have planned holidays for 2016. Where are you going on vacation?……..



Uniquely Java Culture

Hello everyone today I wanted to share that comes from the Javanese gamelan. One of the famous Indonesian culture in music is the art of gamelan. Gamelan music exist in Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok. Of course, variants of the different instruments used. Gamelan is a set of musical instruments with pentatonic melodies, which consists of Kendang, Bonang, Bonang Successor, Demung, Saron, Peking (Gamelan), Kenong & kethuk, Slenthem, Gender, Gong, Xylophone, fiddle, zither, flute. The main component of gamelan instruments are bamboo, metal, and wood. Each instrument has its own function in a gamelan music show.

Gamelan is found in the temple of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, which stood since the 8th century. In relief, it looks some equipment such as bamboo flute, bells, drums in various sizes, harp, stringed musical instrument that is swiped and plucked, including some idea of the element metal musical instruments. Subsequent developments, gamelan is used to accompany the puppet and dance. Until eventually stand as the music itself and equipped with sound sinden.


The second Art Javanese culture is Shadow puppets. Shadow puppets played by a puppeteer who is also the narrator’s dialogue puppet characters, accompanied by gamelan music played by a group of nayaga and songs sung by the singer. Puppeteer puppet behind the screen, the screen is made of white cloth, while behind him flashed electric lamps or oil lamps (blencong), so that the audience is on the other side of the screen can see the shadow puppet who fall into color. In order to understand the story of wayang (play), the audience must have knowledge of puppet characters whose image appears on the screen.

Today that’s the story I want to share. I will share another story about another culture that I know on the other occasion.
What is the story about the culture in your place. Can you share with me?

Culture On The Island of Bali

Hello everyone, at the beginning of 2016 I want to share a story with you about the beauty of the culture in the paradise island of Bali.
In Bali so many cultures we can learn one of them is Pendet. Pendet was originally a dance that many exhibited worship in temples. Pendet is one welcome dance that is often displayed in various large events or cultural events Bali. This dance is performed by the female dancers with a bowl that contains a wide variety of flowers
What is interesting here is the second dance Kecak. Kecak is a Balinese dance performance art that tells the story of Ramayana and played by men. This dance is performed by many male dancers who sat lined up in a circle and with a certain rhythm called “CAKand raised both arms, depicting the Ramayana as rows of monkeys helping Rama against Ravana.
The dancers in the circle is wearing a plaid cloth around their waists. Besides the dancers, there is also the other dancers who portray the characters Ramayana as Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman and Sugriva.
Kecak dance songs taken from the ritual dances sanghyang. In addition, do not use musical instruments. Only used kincringan worn on the feet of dancers who portray the characters Ramayana.
Alat music
This is the last dance, Barong dance is a dance that depicts the battle between goodness and badness. Manifestation of goodness played by Barong dancers with costumes quadruped and form of ugliness played by Rangda sinister figure with two pointy fangs in his mouth.
Barong Dance
Lots of culture I want to tell and I share with you guys. Maybe next time I will be writing back to the beautiful places that you can visit there. The people there are very friendly and always give a smile to every visitor who comes in the island of Bali. The end of this story I close with my favorite song ……

Elegant Javanese Batik

Hello all, does anyone know about batik. I want to tell about the craft of batik, which has a very high artistic value, being part of Indonesia, especially Java. Javanese women in the past made their skills in batik for a living, so that in the past, batik work is exclusively women’s work until the invention of “Batik Cap” which allows the entry of men into the field. Coastal batik masculine lines as can be seen in shades of “Mega Mendung”, which in some coastal areas batik work is common for men.


Batik was originally made on the material that is made of white cotton cloth called. Now batik is also made on other materials such as silk, polyester, rayon and other synthetic materials. Motif formed with a liquid wax using a tool called a canting for subtle motifs, or brush for large motifs, so that the liquid wax to seep into the fabric fibers. Fabrics that have been painted with wax dyed with the desired color, usually starting from light colors. Immersion then taken to another motif with color or black older. After some time the coloring process, which has dibatik cloth dipped in chemicals to dissolve the wax.


Batik I want to share here is the Javanese batik. An artistic heritage, the people of Indonesia, especially Java controlled Javanese from generation to generation. Javanese Batik motifs have different. Differences motif is common because of the motives that have meaning, the purpose is not just an image but implies that they can from their ancestors, which in ancient times embraced Hinduism and Buddhism. Batik Java developed in many regions Solo or commonly known as Solo batik

           Batik Solo Pinterest

One design fashion week in 2014 with a theme of Javanese Batik. Very legant, elegant and simple. And some examples of designs with batik you can see.

Modern Batik


When I chose the clothes I will wear to work, one of which is batik which I choose with a soft material and a long dress. one of which is a photo that I wear batik.

Green Batik Dress

That’s one of my story today, Christmas is coming soon. Is there any idea to wear red batik dress for Christmas? I will share again with my next article.

My Day

Hello everyone, long time did not write on this blog and I really missed moments to write here. December has come, the time for a vacation are getting close and I was so looking forward to it. Today in the town where I live was the rainy season. Within one day of very heavy rain will fall within a few hours.

IMG00587-20151202-1508  Plants become green when the rainy season

IMG00588-20151202-1512Rain beautiful sight

In the morning when I wake up I saw the window was still dark, make me lazy to get out of the house. But I could not do it, because my hectic schedule. So I just enjoy the happiness of my days when the rainy season.


The window was still dark

Working in a magazine allows me close with some media. Write some article about the beauty of a woman with beauty products. Or write the places that I visited a challenge for me.


With one television station

Writing is a hobby that I can not leave. I can write whatever I feel or see and do you know a lot of interesting to write in our daily lives is certainly looking at all stale positive language. Writing about friends or about the happiness of the people closest to us as I felt the same way as they feel.

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Beautiful smile of a friend

The first thing I do before writing is to see the face, eyes and someone smile, make me write a story that would be interesting for the people’s happiness. A smile makes all the wonderful and beautiful. Such as seeing a genuine smile from our friend, family or partner. Do you agree with me ?

         My Pic

Do you like posing in front of the camera, I really love to take some pictures for my own. When taking a picture will be visible expression of our face will be seen clearly at the time whether you are happy or sad. So grab a big smile. A smile will make your face younger than you.

This is the story for today. Do you have the same hobby with me. Can you share your story to me.