Culture On The Island of Bali

Hello everyone, at the beginning of 2016 I want to share a story with you about the beauty of the culture in the paradise island of Bali.
In Bali so many cultures we can learn one of them is Pendet. Pendet was originally a dance that many exhibited worship in temples. Pendet is one welcome dance that is often displayed in various large events or cultural events Bali. This dance is performed by the female dancers with a bowl that contains a wide variety of flowers
What is interesting here is the second dance Kecak. Kecak is a Balinese dance performance art that tells the story of Ramayana and played by men. This dance is performed by many male dancers who sat lined up in a circle and with a certain rhythm called “CAKand raised both arms, depicting the Ramayana as rows of monkeys helping Rama against Ravana.
The dancers in the circle is wearing a plaid cloth around their waists. Besides the dancers, there is also the other dancers who portray the characters Ramayana as Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman and Sugriva.
Kecak dance songs taken from the ritual dances sanghyang. In addition, do not use musical instruments. Only used kincringan worn on the feet of dancers who portray the characters Ramayana.
Alat music
This is the last dance, Barong dance is a dance that depicts the battle between goodness and badness. Manifestation of goodness played by Barong dancers with costumes quadruped and form of ugliness played by Rangda sinister figure with two pointy fangs in his mouth.
Barong Dance
Lots of culture I want to tell and I share with you guys. Maybe next time I will be writing back to the beautiful places that you can visit there. The people there are very friendly and always give a smile to every visitor who comes in the island of Bali. The end of this story I close with my favorite song ……

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