Graceful Culture in Medan, North Sumatra

Do you have to travel at work ?. I often have to travel while working. Here I will tell you about MEDAN City in Northern Sumatra. After the flight, I arrived at the international airport of Kuala Namu. The majority of the MEDAN is Batak tribe. And there are some tribes as Mandailings, Malay and Karo.  BATAK and Mandailings language is the language that is often used.

KualaNamu Airport
 Kuala Namu Airport

In the city of Medan I see something that I have never seen before. If in the area of  Java I saw BECAK driven by way of pedaling. People who drive BECAK behind. But in the city MEDAN , I saw BECAK driven with a motorcycle on the side.

       Medan City with BECAK

Toured around the city of Medan, impressed me the beauty of this city.


Famous cultural of the Batak tribe is ULOS. Ulos generally has a shape like a scarf, but different materials and their use. Ulos specifically used in various ceremonies, be it a wedding celebration, a traditional feast and birth ceremonial. How to use also differs between men and women. Ulos usually still used by the Batak tribe’s traditional event even though they did not live in his hometown.


I do not know what is the meaning of this song because I do not understand the language but I love it. And you can listen to songs BUTET at this link.

This is my story about the city of Medan in North Sumatra. There are still a lot I want to share with all of you. But I have to go now. Do you have a story to me when you’re traveling in the works. Can you share with me…..


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