My Dreams

Have you ever had a dream? Surely everyone has a dream to be achieved, as well as me. As a child I dreamed of working in a company renowned magazine. And finally the dream came true. Write, take pictures and visit various places throughout Indonesia to be an interesting experience. I can learn about something that I had never visited or I know about the culture in the area. Personal become strong and independent it is a must. Who the hell is chief editor favorite that I like ……. One of them is Anna Wintour she was a Chief Editor of British Vogue America. With her trademark pageboy bob hair cut her hair and sunglasses, Wintour has become an important figure in the fashion world.

Chief Editor Anna Wintour
Chief Editor Anna Wintour

Are there other dreams that I want……… the answer is yess but until now can’nt  find true love hehehehe. My experience after splitting across the ocean and the sky and fly to other parts of the earth, yet also I get the prince. Maybe must patiently waiting.

Aida Fashion

Last dream is to write a book. My hobby is reading books so I dream to write a biography about a person that I like or write interesting stories about the lives of people with a unique culture throughout the world.

Books are the best partners
Books are the best partners

One of my dreams has come true, if you have a dream….. that you want to tell me .



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